Wisconsin Cranberry Growers

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Wisconsin is an industry leader when it comes to cranberries.  The Cranberry Marketing Committee estimates Wisconsin yielded 4.9 million barrels of cranberries during the 2013 fall harvest, representing nearly 60 percent of the nation’s crop and securing Wisconsin as the number one cranberry producer in the nation for the 19th consecutive year. 

Cranberries are Wisconsin’s largest fruit crop, accounting for almost 85 percent of the total value of fruit production in the state, contribute nearly $300 million annually to the state’s economy and support approximately 3,400 jobs.

The industry has also experienced increased exports of the berry internationally, especially to Western and Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Korea, Japan and China.  Cranberry exports have increased from less than 10 percent of the crop to nearly 30 percent in just 10 years.  The development of products like sweetened-dried cranberries and more juices, as well as the discovery of new found health benefits of the berry, have created greater demand for cranberries in the domestic market as well.

Wisconsin’s cranberry industry works nationally with the USDA Cranberry Marketing Committee and locally with the state of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin and local industry organizations to make sure the industry continues to be a viable economic player.  In fact, Wisconsin cranberry growers have focused on a sustainable agriculture model for more than 100 years to always ensure a strong future for the industry.

Learn more about how Wisconsin cranberry growers are using sustainable farming methods to grow the tart, tiny berry.



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